Healthy Hair w-Extensions

DISPELLING THE MYTH: Tape-in Hair Extensions

Robin’s client came to her 3 years ago. Her hair was breaking off due to a bad keratin treatment. The breakage was so severe the hair on the top of her client’s head was less than an inch long. Robin wasn’t even sure if her hair would withstand the weight of the hair extensions.

Together Robin and her client made a decision to try the extensions and evaluate the condition of her hair after 7 weeks of wear. Her client’s hair actually began to feel stronger and started to grow. There was no new breakage. However, because of her client’s brittle ends, Robin continued cutting her hair until all the damaged ends were gone.

It’s now three years later and her client could actually go without the extensions. However, her client has chosen to continue wearing the extensions for added volume and length.

At Trans4mation Salon we recommend tape-in extensions because, with proper care and instruction, they can be worn without causing damage to the hair.