HOW TO TREAT ADULT ACNE – Tips from Leighanne

Chronic stress and hormonal changes of adulthood can throw adrenal glands into overdrive, boosting sebum production, setting the stage for acne development.

Treating adult acne is challenging because as adults we tend to face skin dryness, sensitivity and, yes, signs of aging.

Leighanne recommends the germicidal action of an Oxygen Rx Treatment, which makes it extremely beneficial for acne and can be used on any skin type. A series of Oxygen Rx Treatments, along with routine facials produces dramatic results.


See a professional skin therapist like Leighanne. Spot treating and balancing the needs of your skin are key. Knowing what products to use for your skin type requires the knowledge of a professional.

  • Avoid “picking” or “squeezing” breakouts, which can result in more breakouts, scarring or redness. See a skin therapist for any extractions.
  • Our skin loses its ability to retain moisture with age. To avoid over-drying, choose products that contain non-drying ingredients such as Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid to help remove dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt, as well as Colloidal Silver to control bacteria.

To combat the signs of aging skin, choose Retinol, a wrinkle-smoothing ingredient, which